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The consequence of this process is the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the arteries and the rush of blood to the tissues of the male genital organ, that is, an erection occurs. However, consumers need to be aware that tadalafil will only produce the desired effect when sexually aroused.

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As mentioned earlier, the main active ingredient of the Cialis drug is tadalafil. After conducting clinical studies, it was found that this substance does not cause any significant, reliable change in blood pressure (comparison was carried out with placebo). Also, tadalafil does not contribute to any changes in heart rate.

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Since "Cialis" (or "Viagra", "Levitra", etc.) is a drug for solving problems with erectile dysfunction, clinical studies have been carried out on the effect of medications with daily use on the process of spermatogenesis. The results showed that there were no undesirable effects on the morphology of spermatozoa, their motility did not decrease to any critical value. One study found a decrease in sperm concentration compared to placebo. The reason turned out to be high sexual activity and a higher frequency of ejaculation.

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Also, the daily intake of the main active ingredient "Cialis" (in comparison with placebo) did not affect the average concentration of sex hormones, testosterone, FSH and LH. No abnormalities in color recognition (blue / green) were observed in patients. Tadalafil had no effect on visual acuity, intraocular pressure, pupil size and electroretinogram.

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The drug "Cialis" (5 mg) doctors' reviews are characterized as a very effective tool for improving erection in patients with varying degrees of severity of the disease. A generic in the field of pharmaceuticals is a medical product offered to customers under an international name that is not protected by a patent, or under a patented name that does not coincide with the brand name given to the drug by its developer.

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Generic "Cialis" (reviews of patients and doctors confirm) corresponds to the branded drug in all characteristics. Compared to all other analogues and generics, Cialis is characterized by a rapid onset of the effect, the duration of which reaches up to one and a half days. The effect of the medicine is not influenced by alcohol, so you do not have to worry about your male consistency at all, even if you spend time at a party or in a restaurant, accompanied by the intake of strong drinks.